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Do you accept commercial insurance reimbursement?

Unfortunately, commercial insurance companies do not reimburse directly for the scope of Dr. Villanova’s services; she does not participate in insurance plans or Medicare.

However, if you have “out-of-network-benefits”, your visit may be partially reimbursed. You may submit a claim to your insurance company. Your coverage depends upon your plan: variables such as deductible and percent covered by the company play roles. Because Dr. Villanova is a physician, she may bill for consultations and/or for procedures.

The answer to this question is different for each individual, and would need to be discussed.

Do you accept Medicare?

Dr. Villanova has “opted-out” of Medicare. That means, should you choose to seek care in this office and have Medicare, neither Dr. Villanova nor the Medicare recipient may file claims with Medicare. There is no Medicare reimbursement for services rendered in this office.

If you have “Medicare supplemental” commercial insurance, you may submit claims for reimbursement with the proper paper work from Dr. Villanova. You should check with your supplemental carrier prior to your first visit in order to determine whether or not these claims may be reimbursed.

Where are you located?

800 St. Mary’s St, #203 Raleigh NC 27605


919-931-9430 p
919-443-1034 f

What conditions do you address?

See Conditions Treated

Can you discontinue my current medication?

This depends very much on the nature of the condition. For non-imminently life-threatening conditions, there are sometimes options in management that can lessen or eliminate pharmaceutical use. However, this would be done only under very close supervision and in certain instances.