Thyroid Conditions

Hypertension, obesity and thyroid conditions, especially Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, are among the most common internal medical conditions in the United States. Hypertension is due to a variety of mechanisms: some involve hormones at the level of the kidney, some involve the autonomic nervous system. The most common thyroid gland issues are autoimmune in nature; obesity results from behavioral and hormonal issues involving the brain and the gut. Despite their disparate natures, intricate hormonal/physiologic mechanisms play roles in these conditions. Conventional pharmaceuticals are essential for treating hypertension and replacing thyroid hormone, but are less useful in addressing obesity. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help support the conventional treatment of these problems—calming the stress-response in hypertension, supporting the immune system in autoimmune-mediated thyroid disease, and addressing cravings in obesity.

These informational sections are currently under construction.  Dr. Villanova addresses these conditions with conventional Western and Eastern (acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic life-style) modalities.

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Thyroid Conditions
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