Practice Information

Dr Villanova has very limited availability to see patients at this time, whether new or established. On an exceptional basis, she will consider taking on a client if there are few other providers able to assist with a given condition. If you call, you will receive a no–cost consultation to determine whether or not Dr Villanova’s telemedical or in-office services are appropriate for you and may be feasibly provided

Please call or text 917-756-2312 should you wish to inquiry about Dr Villanova’s availability

Ask about  Allergy Relief Acupuncture – one-and-you’re desensitization of IgE–mediated conditions: asthma, nasal allergies, eczema, eosinophilic esophagitis, hives, certain urticarias

Please note that the North Carolina practice closed March 2017 

Should Dr VIllanova be available to work with you, she creates individualized treatment plans to address, eliminate or help manage your condition.The therapies work with the body’s healing capacities. As such, this kind of healing differs from typical Western approaches where one pill or procedure addresses the same problem in all patients. Keep in mind that certain pharmaceuticals are essential

Just as Western Medicine recommends salt reduction for hypertension, Chinese and Indian medicines have a multitude of specific, yet simple and inexpensive, diet and behavior recommendations that help you successfully manage your conditions. Combining active and passive approaches help attain significant, sometimes dramatic, health improvements