Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity Testimonials

– I was diagnosed with celiac disease five months before visiting Dr. Villanova and was not improving. I followed the diet very strictly, but still had a lot of diarrhea, stomach pain and fatigue. Dr. Villanova immediately started herbs and acupuncture. After about six or seven visits, the diarrhea (that I had for years) and pain were gone. I started to gain weight, and people around me said I looked much better and that my color improved. She tested me for other food allergies that go with celiac, and after removing those, I really started to feel like myself again. I have been recommending her a number of my friends and coworkers.     WM, Raleigh NC

– I had celiac disease for a number of years prior to seeing Dr. Villanova, and avoided all gluten. In spite of this, I developed ankylosing spondylitis, a back [pain] problem that celiac patients sometimes get. With my first acupuncture session my pain improved – lasting almost 2 weeks. I found out I was pregnant after the second visit, so we decided to hold off on more acupuncture sessions.

Severe morning sickness started in my first month[,] just like I had all of my last pregnancy. I called Dr. Villanova when the nausea and retching became almost unbearable. From the moment she placed 2 of the needles in my chest area, I felt tremendous relief. After the series of visits, I had milder nausea only in the evenings, and none in the second trimester. I was so happy that this pregnancy was going more smoothly! Thanks, Dr. Villanova!     AM, Raleigh NC