Insomnia Testimonials

– I was having severe insomnia and grief after the loss of my husband. I’ve always had trouble sleeping, and it seemed like I wasn’t sleeping for days….I started to feel tired at a normal time and sleep again after the first visit. Within a few weeks, my sleep became close normal…. I was still very sad, but had more energy to go to counseling, and started feeling just a bit better.     ME, Raleigh NC

– I came to Dr. Villanova with concerns ranging from low back pain to hypertension to problems with sleep…. I had purchased a “Basis Sleep Tracker” that provided data for objectively monitoring sleep. When we started, I was tossing and turning over 70 times per night, [not] having much REM sleep, and had 2 episodes a night of temperature elevation and sweats. My overall  “sleep score” was a terrible 40%. After about 6 weeks of visits and medications [Chinese herbal medicines], my sleep score changed to 92-96% – I no longer had the night sweats and heat, and had one night with as few as 12 turns.  My REM percentage had improved, as had all of the other data points. I should also mention that I felt substantially better: I have more energy during days, and feel calmer and less irritated at work or while driving….     WM, Raleigh NC