Emotional Well Being/General Improvement Testimonials

– I believe you performed a miracle!     GM, Raleigh NC

– [from my pain relief] I’ve not felt this good in years…I recently asked myself “how did I get by before”…I’ve felt so much relief, I almost came to tears. People around me have commented that I seem in a much better place than they’ve seen me in a while, or that I seem ‘brighter.’ I feel much less sad and worried; it almost feels like a miracle.     SW, Raleigh NC

– After my first treatment, I had my best day at work, ever…I’m doing so great. It’s a miracle you have performed. Thank you – got my life back!     FE, Charlotte, NC

– Thanks for taking such great care of me! I feel so grateful to have you as my doctor. I’m just reveling and delighting in how much progress has been made with my healing the past 2 months. Thank you, thank you.     MG, Chapel Hill, NC

– …Thank you for the awesome treatment [today] – you really set me right!     KS, Chapel Hill NC

– I came to Dr. Villanova with concerns ranging from low back pain to hypertension to problems with sleep…. I had purchased a “Basis Sleep Tracker” that provided data for objectively monitoring sleep. When we started, I was tossing and turning over 70 times per night, [not] having much REM sleep, and had 2 episodes a night of temperature elevation and sweats. My overall  “sleep score” was a terrible 40%. After about 6 weeks of visits and medications [Chinese herbal medicines], my sleep score changed to 92-96% – I no longer had the night sweats and heat, and had one night with as few as 12 turns.  My REM percentage had improved, as had all of the other data points. I should also mention that I felt substantially better: I have more energy during days, and feel calmer and less irritated at work or while driving….     WM, Raleigh NC