Multiple Sclerosis/Neurological Problems Testimonials

– I have MS and recently began seeing Dr. Villanova for help [managing] my symptoms. I have muscle spasms, balance trouble, fatigue…trouble sleeping (especially on the nights I take my medication)…getting overheated all the time…[and] blurry vision. Dr. Villanova has treated me with acupuncture and recently added some herbs. The results have been remarkable!  My balance is better so I’m walking better. I’m less tired after getting overheated. I also sleep better because I only have night [muscle/leg] spasms on the days I over do it. I typically leave Dr. Villanova’s office feeling re-calibrated and ready to face the week!     KS, Chapel Hill NC

– … [I have leg weakness from MS]… minutes after the [scalp] needles were in, I could walk better and stopped dragging my left foot so much. I didn’t feel like I was falling toward the left when I turned around, and felt more calm and relaxed. Dr. Villanova tested my leg strength before and after the needles and we could both see the improvement…

I returned weekly for a while, and I could see so many improvements. I could walk a few blocks without my cane or feeling so tired….I could lift, bend and carry with more confidence and my night cramps [spasticity] were gone. I can work a day without being so tired, and [am] attending to medical problems so much better….     RK, Raleigh NC

Note: improvements in progressive/persistent neurological disorders, like MS are real but temporary. Neurological/Chinese Scalp Acupuncture can be a robust part of symptom management and improve quality of life, but in no way reverses disease processes. 

– I came to Dr. Villanova for my sciatica, which was almost gone after 4 or 5 sessions. I was happy with this, but Dr. Villanova asked if I wanted to try a treatment for my hand tremor. [I had had essential tremor] all of my life which is worse when I’m stressed or tired. Some days its hard to drink from a glass. I didn’t think it would help, but I was about to leave the country and wanted to try it. The [scalp] needles really did work! I had the needles in for about an hour and could see my tremor go down by about 50-60%.  It wasn’t a cure, but it things were a little better for my 18 hour flight. I only had the one [scalp] treatment, but will get another when I return.     BM, Raleigh NC