Acupuncture Allergy Relief Testimonials

– I have been diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis and have many food allergies. As a result, many foods make my throat feel tight or give me terrible bowel problems or gas. Some foods make my nose very stuffy. I had been avoiding milk for years when I heard that Dr. Villanova was starting the new technique to stop allergies. She tested me for allergies, and we decided to try to deactivate the milk allergy first. I removed the ear needles after three weeks and immediately tried some cheese; I felt a little nauseous, but less then usual. One week later, I ate a bite of my husband’s ice cream and had no problems at all. After a second treatment, Dr. V retested me for dairy, and the tests were all normal. Recently, I ate dairy 3 times in a weekend and had no problems. I’ve been telling all of my friends!     GM, Raleigh NC

Note: milk and gluten/wheat intolerances often involve more than just regular (IgE-mediated) allergic responses. One-needle allergy desensitization results for dairy, wheat and gluten allergies may ameliorate eosinophilic esophagitis and respiratory allergy symptoms. Gastrointestinal intolerances are often caused by different problems not addressed by this technique.

– I’ve had severe reactions to eggs all of my life, and have avoided any egg-containing foods (and flu vaccines) for many years. Dr. Villanova put two, very tiny needles in my ear that stayed in for 3 weeks. I was nervous to try anything with egg in it after that – but 1 week later, I ate a small amount of mayonnaise and nothing happened. The week after that, I ate a piece of pancake from a diner, and again I was fine. Since then, I’ve eaten cake and other baked goods without problems. Its been very freeing not to have to ask about eggs all of the time.    EF, Brooklyn NY

– I admit I was skeptical that a needle in my ear could eliminate my cat allergies. A few minutes of cat-contact has always caused my eyes to itch, sneezing and sometimes difficulty breathing. Dr. Soliman, Dr. Villanova’s mentor in this technique, placed my ear needle. Since I don’t own a cat, I didn’t really give the procedure much thought. About 2 weeks after I removed the needle, I attended a party at the home of some people I didn’t know very well. It was at least 2 hours before I noticed they had a cat – because I saw it! I didn’t experience the slightest allergy symptom.

Prior to the ear needle, petting my dog for a while would slightly irritate my eyes. Not only do I no longer notice this, I wake much less stuffy in the mornings. I strongly believe the ear needle also eliminated my mild dog allergy.      KB, Raleigh NC