Trigger Point Therapy Testimonials

– I am so thankful that I found Dr. Villanova. The treatments that I have received from her have been responsible for a tremendous improvement in my quality of my life.

Since having…total hip replacements 15 years ago at the age of 32, I have suffered from chronic pain, muscle spasms, and limited mobility. Over the years, I tried a number of different treatment options, both conventional and alternative. While some helped briefly, nothing seemed to make a long-term difference in my pain. I found myself limited in what I was able to do, something that I found unacceptable, especially considering my age and that I have a young child who needs me to care for him.

I started seeing Dr. Villanova in December of 2007, and within just a few weeks I noticed an improvement in my pain. Weekly trigger point therapy injections helped the pain and allowed me to live my life. In conjunction with physical therapy, the trigger point therapy is helping me regain my strength and mobility.

In addition, Dr. Villanova’s acupuncture skills have complemented the trigger point therapy she performs on me. When I injured my knee in May of 2008, the combination of trigger point therapy and acupuncture helped me heal.

Because of the improvement in my pain, I have been able to decrease the frequency of my visits to Dr. Villanova. Anyone who has suffered from chronic pain will understand what a relief it is to find treatment that alleviates it. I only wish I had found Dr. Villanova sooner.     ML, Chapel Hill NC