Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Inflammatory Bowel Disease Testimonials

– I’ve been very happy with the results…I even saw improvements in things I didn’t expect to. I’m feeling [more like] what I was before. I no longer have to plan my days around [this] condition….I’m so grateful.      SS, Raleigh NC

– I didn’t know that I had [irritable bowel syndrome] until I saw Dr. V. I [had] had a colonoscopy for blood [in the stool] after [a parasitic] infection, and I knew I [had] had reflux since childhood, but no one had ever asked me about my bathroom habits – they were just part of my life. After about 2 months of acupuncture and herbs, my life long [alternating bowel pattern] has all but resolved. My life is now a little easier and I feel much better.      ME, Durham NC

– At the time I started seeing Dr. Villanova, I only wanted help with some nagging pain in the middle of my back, which improved with trigger point injections. After a few weeks, Dr. Villanova asked if I also wanted some help with my ulcerative colitis, nasal allergies and asthma. At the, time I was taking maximum doses of 3 medicines, including methotrexate, for the UC, and was on very strong steroids for my nasal allergies and asthma. I was pretty sick and frustrated at the time and was getting worse.

I started acupuncture, some herbs and had a series of [homeopathic] injections for my allergies and asthma. After a few sessions, we started seriously discussing a gluten free diet. Within about 6 months of starting the herbs and stopping gluten, I had my first normal colonoscopy in years, and actually decreased my medication doses after years of increases. Similarly, my ENT doctor saw almost no inflammation on my subsequent camera study – she wanted to know what was in the “shots”. A few months later, I no longer needed any herbs or acupuncture. I have enjoyed great control of my conditions since then.     SG, Raleigh NC