Headache/Migraine Testimonials

– My doctor referred me to Dr. Villanova for my very bad, almost daily migraines. At our first visit, she recommended some medication and lifestyle changes, and started trigger point [therapy], acupuncture and herbs. I had only one migraine during our the first month of therapy, and after that, none for the following six months. When one did come back, some herb changes and an acupuncture treatment resolved it immediately. I am so amazed and so grateful at my improvements – I’ve sent two of my family members to her as well.     MG, Chapel Hill NC

– When I started with Dr. Villanova, I was having as many 1-2 severe migraines a week that made me miss work and fun. I would have to leave work, or work in severe brain fog – I remember feeling miserable a lot of the time. Within the first few months of working together, I had a lot fewer of these headaches, and now I haven’t taken Maxalt [migraine medication] in over a year and half. This has been such a relief. Dr. Villanova changed my life.     JM, Raleigh NC

– I had been seeing Dr. Villanova for a couple of months when I had my first migraine in about a year. I was leaving the next day for some extended foreign travel, and had a lot do. I happened to already have an appointment with her when the headache was at its worst. When I called to cancel, she told me she could likely make the headache calm down, if not go away. She put me in a dark room, and the acupuncture needles almost completely stopped the headache. She said that my headache type was well known in Chinese medicine – I didn’t care as long as it went away! I was able to finish my preparations and get on my way.     MH, Raleigh NC