Infertility Testimonials

– I had been trying to get pregnant for about a year and a half before going to see Dr. V on my coworker’s recommendation. My husband and I were very skeptical that sticking needles in me would help anything, but I decided to give a try. She saw some other [functional] medical issues I had, and recommended we start to work on those first, then on the infertility. After my third acupuncture session and less than 1 month of herbs, I became pregnant. I was amazed; I believe the treatments played an important role.

After a week or two, I had some bleeding and cramping. Just as my gynecologist said, Dr. Villanova explained that this could be a miscarriage, and if it were going to happen [inevitable], there was nothing anyone could do. She explained that Chinese medicine recommends very safe herbs for this situation [threatened abortion/ “restless fetus syndrome” in Chinese terms] that may help. I did take some very low doses of these herbs. While there is no way to know if they worked, I have a happy healthy baby today.     GM, Raleigh NC

– I went to see Dr. Villanova because I was having trouble keeping pregnancies – I had had 3 miscarriages due factor V leiden [blood clotting disorder]. I was very sad about this at the time, and really was nervous about the needles. I think I had about 6 session of acupuncture, after which time I did become pregnant. My husband and I were worried around the eighth week, about when I had my other miscarriages. But this time, except for a little scare, the pregnancy continued, and we had a healthy baby boy. I believe the acupuncture deserves the thanks.     MH, Brooklyn, NY

– When I was 43 years old, my husband and I had been trying to have a baby for about 9 months without any luck. Dr. Villanova (or Lynnea as I call her, since she is an old friend) said she could possibly help. Since I have factor V leiden [blood clotting disorder], I believed that nothing could be done about it. Dr. Villanova pointed out that I wasn’t conceiving at all, and that factor V leiden usually causes miscarriages. So, she said she’d treat me for age-related difficulties. After about 4 acupuncture treatments, I became pregnant. Now Lynnea follows the pictures of Sam on Facebook.     DU, Brooklyn, NY