Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I visited Dr. Villanova for the first time because I had about 6 months of weight gain, fatigue and pain all over my body. I had read about fibromyalgia, and was afraid that I had it. Dr. Villanova spent over two hours reviewing my entire medical history. She explained that the actual name of my condition didn’t really matter—she had some strategies with acupuncture, and especially herbs, to try to help me. After about six months, I really began to feel like my old self. I didn’t have muscle and joint pain, my digestion was better and my energy was very much better. I don’t know what I would have done without Dr. V.      HW, Raleigh NC

I came to Dr. Villanova with chronic fatigue syndrome, vulvadynia [chronic inflammatory pelvic pain], chronic neck pain with accompanying headaches, and a general lack of zest for life. I had been experiencing pain and discomfort that affected my daily life for about two years. I have a very active life both personally and professionally, so it was very important to me to find relief. I had tried many different healing modalities with little to no permanent relief.

I received relief as soon as treatment was started. Dr. Villanova started immediately with trigger point injections of Lidocaine into my shoulders and upper back muscles for the neck pain. More than that, I was interested in getting to the root of my issues and achieving whole body healing. My energy level increased slowly and progressively, and all of the other symptoms I had decreased. It is important to mention that the improvements did not happen overnight, and I was diligent in doing what I was asked. I saw the healing through symptoms, and they began unraveling of years of bad habits and less than optimal self care.

I am supremely pleased with my response to acupuncture and Chinese herbs. A superior healing art in my opinion. I’m so grateful to have my zest for life again. Over the year of treatment, my chronic tiredness has gone, pain in my neck is gone, and the vulvadynia has stayed at bay. I now make better life decisions that affect my health both inside and out. I highly recommend acupuncture and herbal treatment for anyone and am happy to talk about my results with anyone who wants to know!     YC, Raleigh NC