Women’s Issues

– I had over 5 years of hot flashes before coming to see Dr. Villanova. They went away after about 4 weeks of treatment. I’ve been more comfortable and sleep much better.     BW, Raleigh NC

– [since my first period] I had such severe cramps that I used to miss school every month.  I used to get so irritated, I’d say things that I felt I couldn’t control. I followed Dr. Villanova’s advice[,] and had acupuncture and herbal medications…[I] began feeling better even the next month. The cramps, breast swelling and especially my sleep and mood really improved after about 6 months. I’m much more even now.    JH, Raleigh NC

– My gynecologist was about to stop [prescribing] my hormone replacement. I was very nervous [that] my hot flashes would return if I stopped taking hormone replacement. Dr. Villanova said that the herbs and acupuncture could help treat them, but I wasn’t really convinced. The hot flashes did return when I stopped the [medication], but Dr. Villanova adjusted some herbs along with the hot flashes… [I]n about 3 months… I was free of the hot flashes.     FW, Raleigh NC