IMG_ACUFollowing President Nixon’s visit to China in 1972, many Americans first learned of acupuncture’s power to manage illness and control pain.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the elements of nature are reflected in all life forms. As such, corporeal manifestations of air, water, earth, heat, and cold form several cognitive frameworks for pattern diagnosis and disease treatment.

Fundamental to Chinese medicine is Qi (pronounced chi), the energetic life force that travels through the body. Traveling through channels called meridians, Qi nourishes the body’s cells. When Qi flow is blocked, disease ensues. Research around the globe and in the US is beginning to define Qi in Western scientific terms; acupuncture is now documented to induce neurological, hormonal, cellular/immune modulatory and gene expression changes. [1]

In traditional terms, acupuncture needles disperse Qi blockages, thereby restoring balanced energy flow. This eliminates pain and treats or helps manage many medical conditions. Examples include: acute and chronic pain issues, functional problems like irritable bowel syndrome, gynecologic conditions like menopause and PMS, internal medical problems like asthma/allergyinsomniaemotional issues, and neurological problems like tremor, MS or dizziness.

More recently, many couples have turned to acupuncture for infertility treatment with excellent results. Dr. Villanova has had success treating anovulatory infertility with acupuncture, and she includes acupuncture treatments regularly in most visits.

Dr. Villanova provides three general types of acupuncture: body acupuncture, auricular or ear acupuncture and Neurological Scalp Acupuncture.

  • Body acupuncture is basis of most treatments; it involves points on the body.
  • Auricular/ear acupuncture is known as a microsystem: the entire brain and body have points on the ear. It is used as an adjunct to body acupuncture or as a stand-alone treatment for most conditions. It is especially helpful in emotional and allergic conditions.
  • Neurological or Chinese Scalp Acupuncture is a more recent type of acupuncture superlative for chronic and acute neurological problems and pain issues. Learn more

Dr. Villanova is board certified in both Family Medicine and in Medical Acupuncture. She is a member of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture and the American Society of Acupuncture Research.

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