Comprehensive Sinus Therapy

breathfreely beigeFor both Western and Eastern medicines, sinus issues—including allergic rhinitis, chronic and recurrent sinus infections and long standing sinus pain or congestion—prove challenging. In Western medicine, inhaled steroids, multiple antibiotic courses, antacids (for some), and surgery comprise most of our treatment options. In Indian medicine (Ayurveda), daily vigilance and care with neti pot, nasya (inhaled herbal preparations), and diet modification comprise our management options.

In the West, we view nasal allergies/sinus infections as annoyances, not as a signs of internal/system derangement. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), chronic nasal conditions signal more profound system imbalances, such as an “Internal Cold” condition, or “Wei Qi” (host defense) or “Digestive Qi/Yang” deficiencies. TCM attempts to correct these “root issues” in order to manage the “branch symptoms” of nasal/sinus issues.

All of these treatments are very important, and Dr. Villanova frequently uses all of them to control allergies and/or prevent/treat sinus infections. However, each of these modalities has limitations: recurrent antibiotic therapy could lead to antibiotic resistance, Ayurvedic daily therapies require commitment, and Chinese therapies, while very effective, require months to slowly correct the internal environment of the entire organism.

In addition to these modalities, Dr. Villanova adds homeopathic therapy in the form of biopuncture. Homeopathic medications, derived from Western herbals/botanicals, are diluted to very low doses and are intended to gently stimulate the immune system [1],[2]. Traditional homoeopathy uses one botanical to address an illness. More recent homeopathy combines multiple, extremely low dose botanicals to treat a given condition. German osteopathic physician Jan Kersshot developed a sinus management protocol using sterile injectable combination-homeopathics injected at specific acupuncture points. This therapy has the advantage of rapid symptom management: most begin to notice symptom improvement immediately. The sustained symptom improvement provides time for the other therapies to address the underlying issues contributing to the nasal conditions.

Dr. Villanova started using this simple, 5-week protocol about 4 years ago, and now has a series of patients that have referred their friends and family for allergy/sinus treatment. Here is some of what they have to say.

Please contact Dr. Villanova if you have questions about whether or not Comprehensive Sinus Therapy may benefit you.


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