Gua Sha

gua sha jade, non irritatedGua Sha: Gentle Abrasion
Literally meaning “scratching or scraping” in Chinese, Gua Sha is a pleasing technique that, like cupping, creates heat on the skin deliberately to help eliminate pain. As with cupping, Gua Sha is used where there is pain, “Heat” and/or stagnation. Also as with cupping, patients find this technique pleasant.

On skin coated with medicinal ointment or cream (such as Traumeel®), the back of a porcelain or ceramic tool passes over the painful or tight area, creating a bright red reaction. Afterwards, tight areas feel much looser. Superficial blood vessels may break during this process, creating a bruised appearance, but it is not painful, and resolves in couple of days. Patients usually appreciate some immediate relief from tight-type low back pain.

This technique may be safely taught to family members for home use for those who do not have skin or bleeding issues.