Allopathic Medicine

IMG_ALLOWestern Medicine, also known as Conventional or Allopathic Medicine, is science-based medicine taught in Western medical schools. It delivers powerful, effective treatments ranging from pharmaceuticals like antibiotics and targeted cancer therapies to surgical interventions. While these wonderful tools provide much relief, Western Medicine tends to consider the body’s components or organ systems in isolation. Mechanical concepts and metaphors sometimes color diagnosis and treatment principles. More sophisticated Allopathic practitioners resist such reductionistic thinking, favoring comprehensive and preventative approaches.

As board certified Family Physician for almost 20 years, Dr. Villanova possesses a breadth of Allopathic knowledge gained from serving on faculty at residency programs, working with underserved communities, providing Adult Internal Medicine, Pediatric, and Gynecological and Obstetrical services (including deliveries), practicing Sports Medicine, and performing minor surgical procedures.

These varied experiences have led her toward integrated “biopsychosocial” (holistic) practice, often not compatible with the 15-minute office visit that is the norm in most modern medical practices. Integrated Medicine evolves in ways unique to each provider-patient relationship, and fosters a more encompassing view of health and healing. A detailed and thorough initial consultation is therefore essential.

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