Welcome. Thank you for investigating how Eastern and Western medicines, when combined, can realize better health.

Please note: as January 2020, Dr. Villanova has primarily limited her practice Allergy Relief Acupuncture – a technique that desensitizes allergies with on needle. On a limited basis, Dr. Villanova offers comprehensive phone consultations, in–person integrative care (Western/Eastern – allopathy/acupuncture/Chinese herbal medicine), pain services and neurological scalp acupuncture.The full–scope practice website remains available to you for educational purposes.

Dr. Villanova has been a Board Certified Family Physician for over twenty-five years, has been certified to practice Acupuncture for 20 years, and certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine in 2010. She served as the Physician Advisor to the North Carolina Acupuncture Licensing Board until 1/2017. Her practice combines Western (Allopathic) Medicine with the traditional medical systems of China and India. She also includes some Western alternative therapies in her practice, such as Trigger Point Therapy for muscular pain and Homeopathic treatments for sinus conditions.

With so many treatment options at her disposal, all new patients start with an in-depth consultation. Dr. Villanova then creates your individualized treatment plan to address, eliminate or help manage most non-surgical conditions.

The therapies she offers work with the body’s healing capacities. This kind of healing differs from typical Western approaches where one pill or procedure addresses the same problem in all patients. (Note that some pharmaceuticals are essential, and, as a medical doctor, Dr. Villanova can manage those typically managed by primary care physicians.) Chinese medicine and Ayurveda require ‘pattern diagnoses:’ the same problem in different people may require very different therapies.

Additionally, traditional and alternative therapies have two components: passive and actives ones. Acupuncture, Trigger Point Therapy, and other manual therapies are passive procedures that the doctor provides in the office. Additionally, Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have natural herbal medications you take at home.

Traditional medicines also require your active participation outside of the office visit. Just as Western Medicine recommends salt reduction for hypertension, Chinese and Indian medicines have a multitude of specific, yet simple and inexpensive, diet and behavior recommendations that are essential to successful condition management. Those willing to undertake both the active and passive approaches attain significant, sometimes dramatic, health improvements.

Because this transformative process requires diligence in its application, Dr. Villanova provides supportive counseling along the way. Starting with the premise that the physical, emotional, intellectual (and spiritual) realms all require attention to start the body’s healing, the approach should be viewed as a journey, albeit a rewarding one. While you may have Acupuncture treatments, herbs, medications, supportive counseling, or other recommendations, the ultimate goal is for you to gain ongoing control of your condition(s) through a series of ongoing self-care recommendations.